Duvo+ Activity Wheel Plastic M – Ø20Cm, Blue

Enhance the Well-being of Your Small Pets

Elevate the playtime and exercise routine of your small pets with the Duvo+ Activity Wheel Plastic M, now available at Almas Pets Fujairah. This innovative accessory is designed to provide endless hours of entertainment and physical activity, ensuring the health and happiness of your furry companions.

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Key Features of Duvo+ Activity Wheel Plastic M:

  • Sturdy Design: Crafted from durable plastic, the Duvo+ Activity Wheel is built to withstand the active movements of small pets, ensuring long-lasting use.
  • Smooth and Silent: The wheel’s smooth rotation and quiet operation allow your pets to enjoy their exercise without causing any disturbance.
  • Easy Installation: The activity wheel can be easily attached to the cage, providing a secure and stable environment for your pets to run and play.

Benefits of Duvo+ Activity Wheel Plastic M:

  • Physical Exercise: The activity wheel provides an outlet for your small pets to engage in much-needed physical exercise, promoting their overall health and well-being.
  • Mental Stimulation: The spinning motion of the wheel stimulates your pets’ minds, offering them mental enrichment and preventing boredom.
  • Compact and Space-Saving: The compact design of the Duvo+ Activity Wheel makes it an ideal addition to any small pet habitat, maximizing space while offering a valuable activity outlet.

At Almas Pets Fujairah, we prioritize the happiness and health of your small pets. The Duvo+ Activity Wheel Plastic M reflects our commitment to providing high-quality accessories that contribute to the enrichment of your pets’ lives. Elevate their playtime and well-being with the Duvo+ Activity Wheel Plastic M, available now at Almas Pets Fujairah.


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