Ferplast CRICET 9 Hamster Cage, 46 X 29.5xh 23cm

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Step into the world of small pet care excellence at Almas Pets Fujairah. We’re thrilled to present the Ferplast CRICET 9 Hamster Cage, a charming and well-designed habitat crafted to provide a delightful and cozy haven for your hamsters.

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Key Features of Ferplast CRICET 9 Hamster Cage:

  • Compact Yet Spacious: The Ferplast CRICET 9 Cage strikes a balance between compactness and space, offering your hamsters a comfortable living area to call their own.
  • Integrated Accessories: This cage comes with built-in accessories such as a wheel, water bottle, and feeding dish, ensuring your pets have everything they need at their paws.
  • Secure Living: The cage’s secure design prevents any accidental escapes while still providing ample ventilation and visibility.

Benefits of Ferplast CRICET 9 Hamster Cage:

  • Safe Haven: Your furry friends will feel safe and secure within the confines of this well-structured cage, allowing them to relax and thrive.
  • Convenient Setup: The integrated accessories and user-friendly design make setting up and maintaining your hamster’s habitat a breeze.
  • Stimulating Environment: The Ferplast CRICET 9 Cage’s thoughtful layout encourages your hamsters to exercise, explore, and engage in their natural behaviors.


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